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In 2012, the Sandgate Community Trust raised a £50,000 grant from Kent County Council to set up a free wifi service in Sandgate. After a tendering process the  partnership was awarded to CommunityUK (since renamed Digital Unity Group). We were impressed with their community aspect and was the only company offering up to 2mB free and economically priced premium services too (up to 4mBs and 8mBs). As at July 2017, 1554 people have registered to use the service.

Technology changes very quickly so we are busy raising the funds to upgrade the system. This will involve introducing fibre to the cabinet wherever practicable and replacing the older Ingenious 802.11g equipment also to 802.11n/802.11ac equipment. This will enable the current ADSL lines which provide signal strengths between 4mbps to 15mbps to be increased to 61mbps (subject to a network redesign).

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 08.48.05

Regretably we were unable to raise the necessary funds to upgrade the system so the facility no longer exists.

HGWe Library

In 2014, the Sandgate Community Trust was delighted to be invited to help set up a H. G. Wells’ exhibition. It helped secure a venue at 82 Sandgate High Street and was able to create  display boards etc funded by a grant from Shepway District Council.

The exhibition stayed at 82 Sandgate High Street for two years and was then transferred to the Sandgate Library where, sitting below Wells’ Spade House, it seemed very appropriate.

Library closures are common nowadays and to try and show how the Sandgate Library offers more to the community than just books the following video was made by the Trust: